Event Date : June 22, 2019

Event Location: Veneta, Oregon

Registration Begins: February 1, 2019 | Registration Ends: TBA

Budfest Eugene’s King Canna Cup returns for its second year bringing some of the top cannabis cultivators and producers together to celebrate the industry and Oregon’s best cannabis products with prizes and camaraderie. The contest will focus on 17 main categories with a prize-winner and runner up awarded in each. The winner from each category will then be considered for the King Canna Cup “Best In Show”.


🌱Best Hybrid Flower (Accepting entries for both sungrown & indoor)

🌱Best Sativa Flower (Accepting entries for both sungrown & indoor)

🌱Best Indica Flower (Accepting entries for both sungrown & indoor)

🌱Best CBD Flower (10% minimum CBD)

🌱Best Terpene Profile (The first 10 entries will qualify for free terpene profit testing by our lab partners Green Leaf Labs)

🌱Best Homegrown Flower - Adult Use (The first 10 entries will qualify for free lab testing by our lab partners Green Leaf Labs)

🌱Best Pre-Roll

🌱Best Infused Pre-Roll (All concentrate types)

🌱Best Topical (Any product applied topically)

🌱Best Sublingual (Mouth Sprays, Strips, Tinctures)

🌱Best CBD Edible (Sweet, Savory or Drink)

🌱Best THC Edible (Sweet, Savory, or Drink)

🌱Best THC Wax/Budder/Crumble

🌱Best THC Shatter/Taffy

🌱Best THC Solventless

🌱Best THC Live Resin (All “Live” types ie: Sauce, Live Sugar, Live Budder)

🌱Best Vape Cartridge (Any extraction method)


If you wish to enter a product or products in The 2019 King Canna Cup the price for each entry is $250. This fee includes a post-event judges report and two complementary memberships to Budfest. Membership benefits include entrance to BudFest Eugene 2019 on June 22 at Quiet Camp, 24580 Suttle Rd, Veneta, OR 97487 where category winners of the King Canna Cup competition will be announced.

BudFest Eugene will be awarding the winner and runner up in each category. In addition, the Best In Show winner will win the King Canna Cup and receive two tickets to Hawaii!

You need not be present to win.






Go to https://www.budfesteugene.com/king-canna-cup/ -OR- click the Register button below and complete the online submission form. Registration begins February 1st.

You may enter multiple products throughout different categories. The fee and entry process is the same per product.

Once registered a Budfest representative will contact you within 48 hours with further instructions to submit your entry and an invoice with payment options.




Entry payment is due within 3 days registering an entry. Entries will not be accepted until payment is made in full. If you fail to submit products by the last manifest day, Budfest will not refund your entry fee.

You are able to pay your entry fee four different ways:

  1. PAYPAL: A PayPal link is embedded into the submission form so payments can be made easily when registering entries.

  2. CREDIT CARD: Credit card payment can be easily made (via Paypal) at entry or, a member of the Budfest team will send a credit card authorization form if desired. Payments will be processed once the credit card authorization form is returned and clears processing.

  3. CASH: Payments will be accepted only after confirmation from Budfest and arrangements made for drop off.

  4. CHECK: Please contact us if you need to pay by check and special arrangements will be made.




The manifest partner and drop off schedule will be sent to you after payment in full.




The Manifest Store staff should be able to immediately note that the entries are for the King Canna Cup.

*Please note, if the proper unit size is not submitted, product will be disqualified.

Please consolidate and clearly label all entry bags with:

  • King Canna Cup Submission

  • Company Name

  • Category Entered

  • Product / Strain Name

  • OLCC License Number / OHA Registration Number

  • UID Number

Flower Submissions (7 grams total)

Seven (7) individual grams of flower should be submitted in OLCC approved packaging and labeling*

For more information on the OLCC packaging and labeling requirements, visit: https://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Documents/Packaging_Labeling/PackagingandLabelingGuide.pdf

*Please do not submit samples in glass.

Concentrate Submission (3.5 or 7 grams total)

Concentrates should be individually packaged per half gram or full gram in OLCC approved packaging and labeling*. You will turn in 7 total, packaged submissions.

For more information on the OLCC packaging and labeling requirements, visit: https://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Documents/Packaging_Labeling/PackagingandLabelingGuide.pdf

*If your submission needs to be refrigerated, please make that prominent and clear on labeling.

Topicals & Edibles: (7 retail units)

Required labels for entries can be placed directly on the retail packaging or on a zip lock bag in which the retail unit is placed within. Please label each unit individually.

Entries should be submitted in retail packaging. Packaging and safety/instructional info is part of the judging for these categories.

*If your submission needs to be refrigerated, please make that prominent and clear on labeling.




We require each entrant to submit recent lab results (must match same batch as the manifested entry) at the time of entry product delivery. A physical hard copy of the results should be included with the entry samples. The lab test needs to include all testing that is required by the state. We will accept lab results from any lab as long as they are state compliant and less than one year old.

Green Leaf Lab is the Official Testing Laboratory for Budfest. Established in 2011, Green Leaf Lab is one of the first cannabis analytical laboratories to open in the Nation and are the first in Oregon. If you are in need of current testing Green Leaf Lab is offering discounted rates for all Budfest entries.

If you are submitting an entry into either the Best Terpene Profile or Best Homegrown category you must get further testing done by Green Leaf Labs. The first 10 entries in each category will receive this testing for FREE.

If you are new to Green Leaf Lab, please fill out the Client Information Form . This form outlines account contacts and permissions and gets the process moving.

Then to schedule testing please fill out the Request for Analysis Form . In the notes section, please include the following statement, “Budfest 2019 Entrant”. A local representative and will be in contact with you to schedule the sampling appointment.




Budfest worked hard to creating a wide and knowledgeable judging panel of individuals diversely heralded within the cannabis industry. Look forward to our final judge announcements coming soon. Judges bios will be published incrementally on BudFest sites. Judges will have 3 weeks to evaluate the entries.

Budfest runs a blind competition. Each entry (excluding topicals/edibles) will be blind labeled with an internal code before given to our judges. None of the judges are allowed to enter any products.

Judging Criteria

  • AROMA: 1-10 points

  • APPEARANCE: 1-10 points

  • FLAVOR/TASTE: 1-10 points

Judges will also give further quantitative feedback on each entry. While these categories will not have an associated score, it will help the judges evaluate the entry. Each producer will receive judging report on every entry after the Budfest completion.