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Luke Zimmerman Esq. LL.M is a California based attorney who has been a pioneer for protecting intellectual property for cannabis businesses. He is a graduate from the University of Oregon, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and the University of Amsterdam. Luke jokes that he “received his undergraduate degree in cannabis while living in Eugene and his Phd in cannabis while studying in Amsterdam.“ He is an instructor at Oaksterdam University and has lectured internationally on intellectual property trends in the cannabis industry.





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Tom Lauerman, more affectionately known as “Farmer Tom“ is an expert in his field and the owner of ‘The Garden of the Green Sun’ Farm in Vancouver, Washington, Farmer Tom has welcomed students from around the world to his farm to learn organic growing techniques for fruits, vegetables, and medicinals. He teaches in small, intimate settings, where students have the opportunity to experience a “hands on” education. Likewise, Medical Marijuana Patients have benefitted from Farmer Tom’s expertise in growing Cannabis and in the extraction processes used in Cannabis based herbal remedies. A popular speaker at Cannabis and Hemp related Events, Farmer Tom is also a guest blogger and contributor to numerous publications such as ‘The Columbian;’ ‘Cannabis Chronicles;’ and ‘The Cannabis Daily Record.’

Farmer Tom is the most recognizable Organic Cannabis Farmer in the industry, where his brand and likeness embody a clean, outdoor living and organic lifestyle – fulfilling his life mission. He is a passionate activist, a member of the Washington State Cannabis Commission Formation Committee, and he has worked with WA state LCB to legalize all concentrates. He is an advocate for creating standards in the cannabis industry to ensure safety and efficacy, and he is the first farmer to work directly with any federal agency (NIOSH).




Harlee Case & Leighana Lynn

from Ladies of Paradise


Ladies of Paradise is a women-positive creative agency + brick-and-mortar store in Portland, Oregon where women are appreciated, supported, and celebrated. Currently, LoP offers cannabis event planning services, graphic design, packaging, creative content development, educational meet-ups, and products lines ranging from clothing to CBD products, as well as their new cannabis pre-roll joints, Lady Jays.  





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Dominick Zuniga aka, KIWI RAS served 17 years in The United States Navy, deployed on sea and land several times in his career of Service. Now medically retired, Ras uses cannabis to combat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), TBI (traumatic Brain Injury) and “a few different Stomach and Back problems!” 

Kiwi’s intense and radiating energy has also earned him his self-professed “MOOD ENHANCEMENT SPECIALIST” title, an always-positive outlook and “Higher Vibration.”

When you see Kiwi Ras, spark up a doobie and a convo, grab a hug and after 5 minutes with “Uncle Kiwi“ you will understand.

Advocate, Patient, Owner Operator, Cultivator at 45th Parallel Farms, Dallas, Oregon,  Kiwi is for The People from The People. “One Love One Tribe!”





Eugene, Oregon music media and lifestyle personality and unofficial "Voice of the People", Sean McBee aka BEEFCAKE decided at 12 years old that he wanted to work in radio and "knew he wanted to make people happy". Sean gleefully prescribes "It's a wonderful feeling to make someone's day even a little better -likewise, cannabis brings joy, relief, and real improvements in people's lives, period."

Beefcake makes cannabis as a regular part of his broadcasts in a realistic and casual way.

"I consume and so does a decent portion of my listening audience.. it's a community experience we share in that way," and believes (cannabis)  elevates positive and creative experiences such as concerts, good times with friends, and the enjoyment of everyday life.  Beefcake says: "I've been telling my listeners since 2008 that Cannabis should be legal, it's eventual Legalization in our state and the ever-evolving perception of cannabis in general has been an exciting thing to witness and participate in."  "This is an interesting time to enjoy this wonderful plant and with that privilege, I think that the way cannabis or any artistic expression or creation is produced is especially and vitally important."

"In a modern world full of so many problems but also great beauty and opportunity for positive change, it's never been more the time to enjoy the benefits of the plant we all love and especially, to continue as a community to responsibly steward the evolution of it's de-stigmatization, elevated production practices and focus on cannabis education."





You can talk about his work with Mothership, the creation of the "Wormhole" or the making of Vagabong or you can let his work speak for itself. JD MAPLESEN gets it done. Collaborating with so many artists since 2001, Maplesen is consistently able to bring fresh ideas and techniques to his canvases and collaborations.



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